June/July 2015 News

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Red Goes Green

Arcadia Christian School saved trees by reducing its use of paper!  The school utilized email as its primary communication vehicle, and launched an online enrollment system.

New Horizons: Personnel Changes

Mr. Rick Herring

We are excited to announce that Mr. Herring will be stepping into the Music Department.  He will teach all elementary music classes and will continue with Junior High Worship band.  Mr. Herring will also serve as our campus Chaplain and coordinate all of our chapels and special programs including the Christmas Program.  He is an ordained minister and has played major roles in his church’s Easter production (with over 15,000 attendees annually)!

Ms. Joi Liska

The new writing program will be taught by Ms. Liska.  Over the last few years, she has worked both in our pre-chool and as a Junior High coach.  Ms. Liska has a BA in Behavioral Studies and a Master’s Degree in Education with a minor in English.  She has completed student teaching and all of the requirements for a Single Subject Credential in English.  She has experience tutoring as well as teaching creative writing, literature and study tips.  Please welcome Ms. LIska in her new role!

Mr. Brian Mathess

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Mathess has accepted the position of ACS Business Manager.  Brian has served as our IT specialist for several years as well as being the CEO of his own business.   It is our pleasure to welcome Mr. Mathess in his new role!

Mrs. Heidi Morgan

We are excited to announce that Mrs. Morgan will become our Preschool Director beginning July 1, 2015.  Mrs. Morgan has been a part of the ACS family for 14 years, most recently in Kindergarten.  She is excited about her new role and looks forward to investing in each student who enters the preschool.

New Chapters and Happy Retirements

Mrs. Cameron

Mrs. Cameron has decided to further her education in ministry.  She will become a full time student and we wish her God’s blessings on her new career path!  We will miss her creative and musical talents!

Mrs. Gorman

After prayerful consideration, Mrs. Gorman, our Business Manager, has decided to join her husband in retirement.  Mrs. Gorman has served ACS for over 27 years in many different positions, and she will be missed!  We wish her all the best in her transition to retirement!

Mrs. Moore

After 18 years of dedicated service, Mrs. Moore has chosen to retire.  She is beloved by all and will be missed.  Mrs. Moore is looking forward to time with her family, pursuing hobbies, and leisurely mornings.  We wish her a long and happy retirement!

Ms. Perkins

After 12 wonderful years of service, Ms. Perkins has decided to “retire” from being a full time preschool teacher.  She will return to our preschool this Fall as a part-time teacher.

Mrs. Souisa

Mrs.  Souisa will be leaving our ACS family to join her husband in Indonesia.  As his work now requires him to be there full time, it is important and necessary for her join him.  Mrs. Souisa has been our Preschool Director for the last five years and the program has thrived under her warmth, care, and leadership.  We will miss her and her family, but wish her the best!