Students learning

Arcadia Christian School offers a rich academic experience that develops critical thinking: connecting theory and practice.  Less than 15 miles east of Los Angeles, Arcadia Christian School is  located at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains, and retains the serenity of a foothill community.  Arcadia Christian School offers a life-changing education that prepares students for lifelong learning and leadership, encouraging students to make a positive impact for Jesus Christ in their community.

Standardized Achievement Test Scores: Higher Than National Average

Reading average score (%) for Arcadia Christian School for Spring 2014 – 79%

Math average score (%) for Arcadia Christian School for Spring 2014 – 78%

Language average score (%) for Arcadia Christian School for Spring 2014 – 77%

For more information and to see detailed achievement test results by grade level for Spring 2014, click the TerraNova Testing Assessment Report for Spring 2014.

High School Course Placement

About 50% of graduates of Arcadia Christian School go to local private schools (Maranatha High School, La Salle High School, Don Bosco Technical School, Alverno Girls’ School, Western Christian High School, or St Francis Boys’ School) while the other 50% go to public high schools.  The majority of these graduates go to Arcadia High School, Monrovia High School, or Temple City High School.

As entering freshmen, most ACS graduates take Honors English, Advanced Algebra or Geometry, Biology, and Spanish 1 or Honors Spanish 1.  ACS provides a recommendation for placement of each student into the appropriate level of math, English, and Spanish as they apply and meet with their high school counselor.