Photo of part of a piano keyboard

The Music and Arts Program at Arcadia Christian School explores and engages the diversity of talents within each individual student. Developing each student as a whole person, the Music and Arts Program imparts a joy for participating in God’s creative work by providing opportunities to use music and/or art to think critically and solve problems creatively, to develop aural and visual literacy, to develop one’s creative expression, and to embark on a life-long journey of learning and discovery.

Students using percussive instrumentsThe music program at Arcadia Christian School gives students the opportunity to develop and enhance musical skills as well as foster an appreciation for music.

Course Objectives:

The Music Program exposes students to basic elements of music, including rhythm, melody, tempo, dynamics, form, and vocal technique.  It develops creative expression through a variety of activities, including singing, game playing, movement, instrument playing.


Music Concepts:
  • Vocal Technique
    • Breath Support
    • Posture
    • Diction
    • Expression
  • Rhythm
    • Beat
    • Fermata
    • Dynamics
  • Music Reading/Follow a Music Score
    • Staff/Treble/Clef
    • Notes/Rest
    • Dynamics
    • Step/ Skip
    • Lines/ Spaces
    • Repeat Sign
    • ABA Form
    • Rondo Form
Music Appreciation:
  • Famous Composers
  • Orchestral Instruments

Students using percussive instruments

Worship Arts
Drums and Percussion