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Opportunity Program















Reimagine Your Child's Education...


OPPORTUNITY PROGRAM: a Parent's Solution:


For students with mild to moderate learning disabilities:
Dyslexia...Visual & Auditory Processing Challenges...
ADHD / ADD... High Functioning Autism...
and those needing small group, multisensory instruction.
Specific instructional programs in reading,
math and social skills
Research-based multisensory interventions
Classroom support
  • A compassionate response to a real need.

  • Enabling you to keep your child in the school of your choice.

  • Teachers who are highly trained specialists.

  • Building bridges of success between classroom expectations and your child's unique  ablities.

  • In-class support, test and project preparation, alternative testing strategies, and accommodations.

  • A unique approach to learning that takes advantage of your child's interests and learning styles.

  • Equipping your child with tools to achieve success!

Imagine your child succeeding in school. You can.

At Arcadia Christian School's Opportunity Program!