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Thank you for considering Arcadia Christian School for your child(ren)’s education!  Our exceptional faculty are dedicated to providing a high quality academic program to all students.

Our academic program encompasses not only the core subjects of math, science, language arts, etc., but it includes instruction in the fine arts and technology as well.  It is our desire that every student leaves our campus upon graduation prepared for high school and beyond.

Arcadia Christian School offers a warm, authentic, transparent, and encouraging creative/learning atmosphere, conducive to a highly-effective educational environment.  God’s Word is integrated into everything we do at ACS — the classroom, the playing field, and chapel.   It is the foundation and authority from which all knowledge begins.

We encourage you to make the decision regarding your child(ren)’s school prayerfully and with great care.  We are available to talk with you at any time to provide whatever information you need for such an important decision.  Our prayer is that God will direct your path to the school He would have for your family.

Edward Limon


Kindergarten-Eighth Grade Application Procedure


The following application procedure will be used in accepting all new students (including transfer students) to Arcadia Christian School.

1. Schedule a parent interview and school tour with the principal.

  • Please call the main office at 626.574.8229 to schedule a tour.

2. Application forms and fees need to be submitted online.

  • Please see the Admission Schedule for application submission dates                                                                                             

3. Students in grades K-8 will need to take an entrance exam.

  • Preschool students are not assessed prior to enrollment.

  • Please call the main office at 626.574.8229 to schedule an entrance exam.

The Admissions Committee will review applicant information.

Final decision for acceptance rests with the Admissions Committee. All decisions will be consistent with our non-discrimination policy.

Click Here to Visit our Online Application and Enrollment Portal


For more information regarding our Preschool Progam please see the ACS Preschool Information Page.

Please click here for the Online Preschool Application Procedure.