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The Technology Program at Arcadia Christian School teaches a variety of digital literacy and technology skills to help students become technically proficient in the use of computers as well as the use of office-productivity software and multimedia and presentation programs. The Technology Program provides innovative opportunities for students to solve problems creatively, strategically, and resourcefully.  Most classes will be taught sequentially and will build on previously-learned skills.

Digital Literacy Objectives


Demonstrate proficiency in the use of computers and software applications, as well as understanding concepts underlying hardware, software, and connectivity.

Demonstrate the responsible use of technology and an understanding of ethics and safety issues in using electronic media at home, in school, and in society.

Demonstrate the ability to use technology for research, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, communication, collaboration, creativity and innovation.

Technology Skills


1. Basic Computer Operations

2. Word Processing and Desktop Publishing

3. Databases

4. Spreadsheets (Tables, Charts, and Graphs)

5. Internet, Networking, and Online Communication

6. Multimedia, Presentation, and Web-Authoring Tools

7. Ethics (Safety, Classroom, and Society)

8. Research (Gathering and Using Information)

9. Problem Solving

10. Communication and Collaboration

For more details on Arcadia Christian School’s digital literacy objectives and technology skills, see  Recommended Digital Literacy & Technology Skills Matrix [172 kb, .pdf]