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On this page you will find useful information and helpful links to help you and your child(ren) have a great year at Arcadia Christian School!

Arcadia Christian School Student Handbook

The Arcadia Christian School Student Handbook explains the information you will need to navigate ACS for a successful academic year.  It includes information on daily schedules, student conduct, attendance and discipline policies, and more.

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Conduct Standards


For the safety of all, each student will be expected to adhere to the following rules.

Playground Standards

  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

  • Use equipment safely at all times.

  • Use good sportsmanship and obey game rules.

  • Do not bounce balls against buildings, in rooms, or in hallways.

  • Return all equipment after recess and before lining up.

  • Maintain self control. No running in hallways. Watch for others when running on the playground.

Lunch Area Standards

  • Talk in low voices and only to immediate neighbors.

  • Do not throw food, papers, or other objects.

  • Always clean up your lunch trash after eating.

  • Sit at assigned tables until excused.

  • Walk to the playground after being dismissed.

  • Do not bring gum to school.

  • Restroom Standards

  • Keep restrooms clean and quiet.

  • Never play in the restrooms.

  • Leave playground equipment outside when entering restrooms.

  • Go directly to and from the restrooms when dismissed from class.

  • Respect others’ privacy.

  • Always wash your hands.

Off-Campus School Field Trips/Events


On field trips or school activities that take place off the Arcadia Christian School campus, students are expected to be on their best behavior as they represent the school and the Lord. The students are expected to dress according to the dress code unless otherwise instructed by the classroom teacher.

Misbehavior, disrespect, or wandering off from the group are serious offenses and will be handled appropriately by the classroom teacher. Serious misbehavior will be reported to the administration for further action when the class/group returns to school.

Discipline Policy


Arcadia Christian School believes that each student has the responsibility to act in accordance with the policies and rules that have been established. We expect each student to put into practice those things that have been taught in the classroom regarding Christian character and behavior.

The school’s discipline policies include instruction, correction, punishment, and reward. All of these elements are Biblical principles, and a balance between punishment and reward is essential.

Discipline at ACS will be fair and not excessive. It will be firm and consistent, tempered with love, and always administered with the student’s best interests at heart. While the school affirms the right of parents to discipline their children, which may include parent-administered “spankings” at home, the school, nor any employee of the school, will at no time administer “spankings” or corporal punishment in any form

Conduct Referrals


Conduct Referrals are issued for serious or repeated offenses. Students are sent to the office immediately to meet with an administrator.

First Conduct Referral


          1. The parent must respond with a plan-of-action statement.

          2. The student must respond with a change-of-behavior statement.

Second Conduct Referral


          1. Student in-house suspension.

          2. The student and his/her parents will meet together with the teacher and school administrator.

Third Conduct Referral


          1. Student two-day, home suspension.

          2. Suspension will be followed by a parent/student conference with the school administrator for re-admission or removal.



Arcadia Christian School desires to meet the needs of each student enrolled. However, in some situations, the school may find the need to place limitations on the time, energy, and attention any one child requires, when this attention hinders the progress of the other students in the classroom or school. Therefore, to preserve the quality of education and the environment desired by all the families in the school, probation, suspension, or expulsion may be used. ACS also reserves the right to deny re-enrollment.

Parents will be notified by school administration when probation, suspension or expulsion are deemed necessary, that it is immediately effective. Parents may ask the School Board to modify or reduce probation, suspension or expulsion. If unhappy with the Board’s decision, parents may seek Christian arbitration. The decision of such arbitration will be considered final.



Probation is a period of time given to a disruptive student in the hopes that change will occur.



Suspension will vary in length from one to three days, and may be served either at home or in school, at the discretion of school administration.



Expulsion is the dismissal of a student for the remainder of the school year without opportunity to re-enroll until the completion of one full semester at a different school. Parents will be responsible for the balance of the annual tuition in the event of expulsion.

The discipline policy process, as listed above, will be adhered to when appropriate. However, expulsion will most likely be the result of one of the following actions:

  1.           1. Lack of respect for school rules or employees.
  3.           2. Continued use of vulgar language or profanity.
  5.           3. Violation of the terms of probation.

          4. Destruction of school property.

          5. The possession of illegal drugs on campus.

          6. Parents’ lack of support for teachers or school administration.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Guidelines

  • Each driver must sign an agreement.

  • Only parents or designated adult guardians may request a pass and drive on campus.

  • High school age drivers are not allowed on campus during drop-off/pick-up times.

  • Parking on 1st Avenue – Only park beyond south gate or on Wistaria. The junior high needs the entire area between Lemon Ave. and the south gate.

Carline Safety Conduct


To keep all students, parents, staff, and visitors safe and to provide parking for designated groups, all parents agree to abide by the following guidelines:

1. Drive at a maximum speed of 10 MPH.

2. Do not drive while distracted by:

            A. Cell phone usuage

            B. Eating or drinking

            C. Reading

            D. Taking eyes off the road or turning around to deal with something inside your car

3. Abide by all parking guidelines.

           A. Only parents of preschool students may park in the main lot during drop-off: 8:15 am-8:45 am. After 8:45 am,                               it is OK to park in the main lot.

           B. Never park in red zones, cafeteria spots, in front of gates, or handicapped spots without authorization.

           C. Only parents of kindergarten students or by special permission may drop children off in front of quonset huts                               (see Carline Route Map [.pdf] for reference).

           D. Never leave your car with the engine running or with children inside.

4. Place your vehicle in Park and engage the brake when children are entering or exiting. Pull away cautiously and out of carline to secure seat belts and/or car seats.

5. Obey all directions given by carline staff. Do not talk to teachers or other parents while in the carline.



Immunization Policy


The State of California requires new students to show written verification of all immunizations received. Personally completing and signing a blue immunization card is no longer a valid form of proof of immunizations. A physician-signed record of immunizations for your child must be brought to the office. If we do not receive your child’s immunization records before the beginning of the school year, he/she will not be allowed to attend class. Please submit the following completed forms to the main office by August 31st.

          1. Authorization for Treatment

          2. Immunization Record

          3. Physician’s Health Form – Required for First (1st) Grade Students only

          4. Copy of Birth Certificate – Required for Kindergarten Students only

Immunization Requirements:


Please make sure your child’s immunizations are up-to-date. Below are the immunization requirements for all students.

  • Current Mantoux TB test with written verification for Kindergarten students and new students entering Los Angeles County

  • Polio – Four (4) doses or three (3) doses if one was given after the child’s 4th birthday

  • DPT – Five (5) doses or Four (4) doses if one was given after the child’s 4th birthday

  • MMR – Two (2) doses on or after the child’s 1st birthday

  • Hepatitis B – Three (3) doses or Two-dose (2) regime

  • Varicella (Chickenpox) – One (1) dose or immunity gained from having already had the illness



Mantoux TB verified in writing

Seventh (7th) Grade Students:

  • MMR – Two (2) doses on or after student’s 1st birthday

  • Hepatitis B – Three (3) doses

  • Tdap booster if booster has not been received for the last five (5) years

If you have any questions, please contact the Admissions Office at 626.574.8229.